Leo Zambrano, who lead us so successfully through Fish Fry #1, asked me to send notices of our next planning session for Fish Fry #2. We will meet this Thursday at 6:30 in the Knights’ room at the Marron Center to review last Friday’s Fish Fry and begin planning for April 3rd’s Fish Fry. For this next event, which is less than 5 weeks away, we need to consider purchasing our own fryers, of which are many choices.

As many of you know, our Brother Knights from Gonzalez loaned us their fryers for last Friday’s event. Our Brother Knights from Bandera offered their experience as well. We owe both of these Councils a debt of gratitude! Without their help, we would have been flying, if not blind, certainly with impaired vision!

Please come help us make our 2nd ever Fish Fry better than our first. 

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