Brother Knights,

Glad to say our upcoming Council meeting is this Thursday, February 28th at 7:00pm in Seton Hall.  We have many things to discuss so please make every effort to attend. 

A few agenda items are:

  • Replacing the vacancy left by Bill Witham as Trustee
  • There will be several officer vacancy’s for the upcoming fraternal year, and if you are interested please let Joe Valadez know. We will be puting together a nominating committee.
  • We have volunteered for a Friday in Lent after stations, and there is talk to fry fish.
  • We are trying to schedule our 10th anniversary social.
  • Most exciting of all, the District Master has announced a 4th degree Exemplification, May 11th at St. Pius X.  We will be taking forms for those interested.  This only comes around about once a year.

One note is that the Spanish Women’s ACTS send-off is that evening.  They promised they would be gone by 6:30-6:45.  Our plans are to still start at 7:00pm sharp.  We may just have to wait outside or in the kitchen until the women are gone.   

God Bless, WGK Michael Sullivan

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