Brother Knights,

This Thursday Fr. Conor has asked that if we can assist with moving the rest of the items from the Marron Center to the new Faith Formation building. We are grateful for those that volunteered to assist with the move. However, we would ask all council members to please help out.

Move is scheduled for 5:30pm This Thursday.

After the move, we will meet at The Point Park & Eats for fellowship, dinner and drink specials. We encourage all brothers to attend and extend this invitation to your FAMILY and FRIENDS. Please arrive at your leisure…

Thursday Knight Out (September 2019)
The Point Park & Eats
24188 Boerne Stage Rd
San Antonio, TX 78255
Thursday 6:45pm

**Council Officers: Please plan on attending for a brief ‘Huddle’ to discuss Council business and plan for our October Council meeting.

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