The Family Unit as a principle element in American society is of immense value. It serves an incubator for strong religious, moral, and ethical values. It is central to our strength as a nation and it is in peril. “To survive, the family needs support. Its primary source of strength must be found in a growing religious and parish life. But it also can be helped substantially by an organization such as ours.” To this end our council has a number of initiatives to support and foster the Family Unit through exemplification and recognition. These include the Family of the Month & Year programs whereby we highlight individual families who have demonstrated their commitment and success to the family through their efforts in the church, school and community and how they balance these acts against all the factors that would otherwise detract from family involvement. A list of recent recipients of these awards is provided below.

Other past events and activities have included:

  • Parish Landscaping
  • Mother’s Day Flowers
  • Parishioner Assistance

Council 14690 is always on the look out for new opportunities to foster our family unit and values the input of it membership. Please pass on any ideas or interests to the Family Chairman or Program Director.

Rick Trevino
(830) 446-2977