Worthy Grand Knight (WGK) (Mike Trevino) called meeting to order at 2000 hrs.

WChaplain (WC), Most Reverend Monsignor Wagner lead SKs in an opening prayer followed by Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call of council officers was performed. All present with exceptions of the Treasurer, Lecturer; Advocate, Warden and Outside Guard who were all excused by WGK.

WGK provided the meeting agenda overview (Agenda entered in Recorder Minutes Book) and provided comments regarding Grand Knight’s Report, Catholic Radio Presentation; Major Degree Schedule; Casa de Padre; Back to School BBQ cancellation; Presentation to Ken Batchelor Cadillac; Casino Night; Insurance Agent; Treasurer’s Report; and the Financial Secretary Report.

WGK introduced representatives from Catholic Radio (89.7 Radio Freq) to talk about their fund raiser at Nooner Ranch in Hondo, Texas, 17 Sep 2014. Under sponsorship of the San Antonio Family Association (SAFA) they will conduct a Dove Hunt. Cost is $300 per individual hunter and $125 per non-hunter and steak dinner. Highlights include guest speaker, doves, beverages, competition, steak dinner, silent auction, shotgun auction, 54 Card Raffle (tickets-$50 for 3), dove cleaning and camaraderie. Gold ($5000), 10 hunters and Silver ($3000), 6 hunters, sponsorships are available. Hunting participants will need hunting license, hunter ed card, shotgun with shells, eye and ear protection, bird bag or vest, and sunscreen. There will also be a safety course at 1615 hrs (4:15 PM) and hunting will commence at 1630 hrs (4:30 PM) thru 1900 hrs (7 PM). More information can be obtained at 210-872-8080 and ask for Vernon or Robert Lozano at 210-313-0651.

WGK announced the major degree schedule received from WDD, John Peterson. 1st degree, 17 Aug, Crown Ridge KofC Hall, Council 4140, POC Frank Chramosta 210-656-4800; 2d degree, 4 Oct, Pope John paul II Council 13523, POC David Colton210-656-4654, Spanish Degree Team; 3d degree, 8 Nov, St. Brigid, Council 11596, POC Cristobal Trejo, 210-375-9915; 4th degree, 25 Apr, 2015 St. Anthony de Pauda, Council 8738, POC DD Nestor Moreno, 210-415-1605.

WGK reminded all Sir Knights of the 25th anniversary of Casa de Padres event on 12 October at 1400 hrs (2PM) at Casa de Padres. Archbishop Gustavo will give the blessing of Thanksgiving. Council 14690 has been asked to provide support with logistics (i.e. site setup) and emphasis on directing guests to designated parking areas and assistance to the event location via golf carts. SK Mike Sullivan volunteered to Chair this event. Ken Batchelor Cadillac will provide transportation for former residences 1400 hrs to 1799 hrs. Jim wade is POC at 210-392-2788.

WGK announced that the Back to School BBQ was cancelled due to conflicting Church activities and limited logistical support. Alternative events may be looked at and endeavored.

WGK introduced the Council’s new Insurance representative, Mr. Jerry MacFarlane who can be reached at 210-779-6155 and Email address Jerome.macfarlane@kofc.org. Mr. Steve Michlik is the new General Manager. Mr. MacFarlane extended an invitation to Knights to seek employment as area field agents for Kof C insurance. At least 10 are needed.

The Council Reporter announced the presentation of the KofC Council 14690 award to Ken Batchelor Cadillac had been made and a draft article to Columbian, Texas Knights and Today’s Catholic publications had been submitted for entry.

Wall of Honor. WGK announced that Fred Danysh and Phill McNeely would be working on the Wall of Honor for the back wall in Seton Hall. The wall would consist of awards, banner, pictures, past and present Grand Knights, etc.

Alter Server Awards. WGK also announced that Fred Danysh and Phill McNeely are working on providing a Knight of Columbus Certificate of Appreciation to the Altar Servers of SEAS for their contribution in Church activities. They are coordinating with Ms. Villanueva, who is in charge of the Altar Servers.

WGK advised all Knights present that WDD informed him that Council 14690 made Star Council as well as Lone Star Award. He thanked the Council members and cited SKs Bill Witham, Lee Cavazos, and Jerry MacFarlane for their efforts in this effort coming to fruition. WGK also advised that the Josephinas sent a Thank You Letter for our contribution to them.

WGK informed SKs of the creation of a Council Webpage that all Knights will have access to for Council information, contacts, announcements, etc. The site will cost $150 per annum. The site can be found at: www.kfcknights.org with login of your membership number and password is your date of birth. SK Jim Guiliani is the Web Administrator and will provide web guidance as needed (motioned, seconded, approved).

WGK conveyed Council goals for the coming year would be 8 new members and 3 members for insurance.

Casino Night SK Joe Valadez shared an update to Council SKs regarding Casino Night activities. Casino Night is set for November 8. Joe will need assistance in contacting various businesses. There are about 400 that contact information is being gathered on for donation of prizes, sponsorships, etc. The most difficult task is identifying charities, seminarians, food bank. About 100 sponsor letters have been mailed out. Tickets will cost $50.00 and will be printed soon.

Treasurer Report (SK Kyle Grothues) announced the Council Starting balance for 1 Aug 2014 and Council expenses for the picnic totaled $533.40, Josephina Sisters-$1000.00, and wheel chair award-$600.00. SK Kyle advised that shirt orders came in and shirts would be ready for dissemination soon; Council account monies would be announced in December and the DGK would be taking over the budget soon.

Financial Secretary (SK Guiliani) reported that Council had 124 members of which 22 were insured and 39 dues in arrears. Semi-annual audit was submitted for the period 1 Jan-30 Jun 2014. There were five audit findings that have been corrected. The audit report can be seen upon request.

New Business: A toy drive and spaghetti dinner is being planned. More information coming. WDD, John Peterson, requested a Council member be appointed as a local representative for disaster relief. Contact information will be provided to WDD and the Diocesan Emergency Awareness Coordinator at danmonte6@msn.com and ercortez@satx.rr.com.

For the Good of the Order. WGK called for remembrances. SKs were asked to remember Grand Knights Father, Rudy Trevino, who is in tremendous pain and undergoing dialysis and surgery. Family of Cooper Flyod and David’s sister, who is also very sick, should be remembered in SKs’ prayers.

WChaplain, Monsignor Wagner, asked the SKs to build upon a great year. SKs should always be the light of the world and salt of the earth and have an obligation to show Christ in our hearts.

WGK asked WC to provide the closing prayer and adjourned the meeting at 2135 hrs.

James P. (Phill) McNeely, SK, Recorder

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